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Let me start by saying...I'm as big a Phillies fan as you will find . With that said, our savior Charlie Manuel dropped the ball. As NL manager he should do his best to field a team that will give NL home field for the playoffs. I'm sure R.Howard is the sexy name and Pujols is a lock  but to keep J. Votto of this team is a crime! His numbers should have him there. When it counts i would rather have Votto than Howard with chance to win a game late. And Matt Capps as Nationals representative instead of Strasberg ?! REALLY ! Lets see what happens
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I have done a bit of research and have made quite a discovery !  I saw alot of debates on who and where to take 2B in fantasy drafts.
 The simple fact is ...wait ! You may be tempted to grab an "elite" 2B  but before you do...check this out ! Your 1st tier players at 2B...C. Utley , D. Pedroia and I . Kinsler will all be off the board by end of round 3. Then your 2nd tier players...B. Zobrist , D. Uggla ,and R. Cano will probably be gone by 7th or 8th round. After that... your 3rd tier players...B. Roberts , B.Phillips, J.Lopez. Thats the top 10 2B.
With that said...i may take my chances with a P. Polanco or I. Stewart in 12th round or later. Polanco is a lifetime .303 hitter in the Phillies line-up and i think he could be possible top 5 player at 2nd if he stay's healthy and he will gain eligibility at 3B soon.The guy hit .340 in '07!If I. Stewart hits .280 this year he WILL be top 5 at 2B and he also has 3B eligibility.
Now , let's talk about value. I looked up last years stats on all 2B and found something that may change some minds about where to draft them. The #1 fantasy point producer was C. Utley with 598 pts and the #9 total was D. Uggla with 460 pts . That's a total of 138 pts! That sounds like alot but if you break that down over 20+ fantasy weeks , Utley averaged less than 7 pts more than Uggla per week.
In my opinion it is best to wait for 2B unless someone falls in your lap that is a steal.Those 7 points can easily be made up elsewhere if you draft accordingly.  B. Phillips will be there in 9th round in 9 out of 10 drafts but if Zobrist or Cano are around in 7th round...the value is there. I doubt this will change anyone's mind but hopefully will make you use all the time you need when your on the clock. The math doesn't lie ! Choose wisely drafters.  See you in the playoffs...I will be there ! How bout you ?

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When it comes to Fantasy , pitching is usually as simple as taking the best available player .That is about the only strategy that applies
There will be plenty of stud pitchers of the board early. The trick ,however , is value. You may be tempted to take a T . Lincecum or
R . Halladay in the 1st round . I wouldn't consider it !! I would avoid taking any pitcher in the first 3 rounds. There will be guys like M . Cain , Y . Gallardo , C . Carpenter around in rounds 4 - 5 ,they will be solid #1 pitchers for your team. And , you might be able to get 2 of those guys if your a mid pick in these rounds.So, its not bad idea to get a couple elite IFs and TOP 10 OF in first 3 rounds. The top 20 or so pitchers will be off the board by the startof 6th round. After that , you reach the 2nd tier of SPs . Here your gonna find some pitching that may be crucial to your draft. If you waited for pitching and used the 1st 6 rounds for position players and a SP, the 7th -9th rounds you will need to grab 2 SPs.There will still be some very good players in this 2nd tier.You should find T . Hanson , U . Jimenez , 
J . Lackey , A.J. Burnett and J . Shields. Two of these guys along with a TOP 20 pitcher and your in pretty good shape at pitcher.
When you get into 10th -12th rounds ,chances are you will be rounding out your line-up and looking for couple late sleepers to solidify your draft. This years draft will have many pitchers with great upside in rounds 12 thru 15. Here are couple to keep on the radar :
 C. Zambrano , R . Dempster , C . Kershaw , R . Oswalt and W . Rodriguez.
As far as sleepers who should still be available and are worth late flier. F. Liriano , J.Saunders,R.Wolf,E.Santana,and T.Hudson , these players should be available late. Hopefully, this will be helpful to someone.GOOD LUCK ALL

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The time is here and i'm gonna give hope to guys who didnt do their homework,if i'm not being to subtle!
There are many potential sleepers out there and if you get one...congratulations. If you dont want to count on a
'sleeper" then you may want to take my non-expert opinion on some middle round talent that you can get on the cheap.
I've done a good amount of research and hope that will give some insight to other fantasy players.

I would suggest to anyone in H2H format to get your infielders early ,especially,SS and 3B . If you want a TOP 5  1B you gotta do it in  first 2-3 rounds but if you wait til 6th-9th  round you can get guy like D . Lee , C. Pena or L . Berkman who are very serviceable.
At 2B its not so thin.... i had B. Zobrist targeted in 5th round and he was gone because he also has eligebility as OF , Zobrist and A . Hill will be gone by end of 5th round.However, the position is deep and there will be guys like R. Cano , B . Roberts , D . Uggla around in rounds 6 - 8. After that hope your ok with Polanco or Lopez. At SS the talent drops off fast ! After H . Ramirez...who for some reason dropped to me at 6th overall , you have J.  Rollins and T . Tulowitzki in top tier and maybe J . Reyes but he went in middle of
6th. After that its Jeter and Y. Escobar...period! And they both will be in middle of pack in fantasy scoring.

At 3B.. i got the shaft ! I thought i could get Sandoval in the 5th but he got scooped in 4th round by the same guy who took E.Longaria in the 2nd round and then he took D. Wright in the 6th...i slept on some guys who i thought would be there and by the middle of 6th round ALL quality 3B were gone and i grabbed A. Ramirez in 8th out of desperation.Point is get them early even if you have to reach
because the position is weak.

Now , lets talk about OFs. This fantasy OF class is extremely deep. Most of the usual suspects were taken where they should have been but i was pleasantly shocked at players that were still on the board in middle rounds. For starters...i was able to get M . Kemp in 6th round (55th overall),i couldnt believe he was available! maybe im just hopeful,but,i think he will be TOP 5 OF this season.Regardless...hes a steal there. If your draft goes anything like it should there will be alot of talented OFs after 8th round.
i was able to get C . Crawford in 9th(86th) round , S . Victorino in 10th(95th) N . Cruz in 12th(115) , A . Soriano in 15th(146th)
and  R. Ludwick in 19th(186th). I would take that OF all day !! Hopefully , this info will be helpful to someone out there. Get your infielders while you can or take your chances.  I will talk about Pitchers shortly...but who knows what your gonna get.  GL all
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